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AsapSCIENCE and TD Canada

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About This Project

In partnership with TD Canada and in time for their Back To School program, we had AsapSCIENCE produce a branded video featuring 9 scientific study tips in time for back to school. TD Canada wanted to reach out to students and introduce their Start School with a Plan program.


This collaboration also included a Twitter Chat hosted by Student Life Network and TD Canada which TD Canada considered a “big success”.


TD held a Twitter chat hosted by student influencers Student Life Network (116M followers), featuring YouTube celebrities and millennial influencers, AsapSCIENCE (140M followers). The hour long chat focused on starting school with a plan, sharing helpful tips on a range of topics from studying to budgeting.


  • The chat had 1,600 registered and engaged participants (the majority of which were students) which generated 6,500 tweets, reaching ~2.7MM unique users and resulting in ~16.3MM impressions