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It is truly rewarding to work with those who love what they do.  The passionate, ever-positive, glass-half-full people who are absolutely devoted to their audiences and understand their fans implicitly.  We are genuinely fortunate to do that ever day, and we love helping creators grow their business to connect with more fans and make a living from their craft.




Our job is to find new ways to position and package the creator’s story, to help source and secure best-fit funded engagement with the right brands and sponsors, those brands which truly reflect the interests and beliefs of the creator(s).  On the one hand, we work closely with creators to identify growth possibilities for their own brand and channels. On the other hand, we work with large corporate brands and their agencies to qualify their objectives and understand their measures for success.  Our work then helps to streamline the process and align everyone’s needs so as to produce the best possible outcomes for ongoing collaboration.  See examples of our work in Portfolio, Creators.

We are the in-between, navigating an increasingly complex marketplace and simplifying it.  We are also passionate and persistent ourselves and we look forward to connecting with you.