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We understand that brands are continually seeking new ways to reach right-fit audiences and that it’s not always easy to promote products and services in an authentic way.  



We lend our experience to facilitate open dialogue between creators, marketers and agencies in order to help develop effective programs.  Our role is to ensure that the negotiated collaborations deliver professional brand engagement where trust is ultimately established with the intended audience.  Our work together will help realize word of mouth referral aligned with both mandate and mission, that seeks to meet or exceeds objectives via measured results.  See our work with brands and creators in the Portfolio, Brand page.


After having worked for some time on campaign-driven collaborations, we are focusing our efforts towards longer-term collaborations between brands and creators. #Makeshowsnotpieces is a brilliant term coined by Podcast creator and head of Unthinkable Media, Jay Acunzo. Read this article to better understand how you can benefit from making shows.