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We keep a look-out for great original content and impactful events and insights happening in the industry.  Here’s what we’ve found, along with some perspective.

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Contiki Tours has been using YouTubers to tell stories and feature the amazing destinations their consumers can travel to with #noregrets. Here is yet another example of another Roadtrip series. This article includes some measurable results on how using YouTubers has increased brand awareness amongst other brand performance indicators.  Read/watch here.


It’s not news today that teens love digital video. But Defy Media’s Acumen research team wanted to dig deeper and talk to teens directly about why they prefer digital video to traditional TV. They also wanted to understand why the digital stars in the videos they watch so often are more appealing than traditional stars. So their team hit the streets at the world’s largest gathering of people who love digital video—VidCon 2015—to get the story from teens themselves. Watch for yourself.